Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Our 3rd bundle of joy

“Is that an oops baby?” “You must be crazy to be going for the 3rd?” “Keep that as the last one” “I thought you were done!” “Why would you want to start over now?”. These were some of the questions and remarks thrown at me every day ever since I announced my 3rd baby. Of course, there were also those who appreciated and rejoiced at the news. 

Opting for the third child had me eyed warily by friends, workmates and relatives. There was this common labeling kind of thing from people far and close that the third is surely a mistake. Well, people may be right in their own ways just as I am when it comes to having made the decision to have my third bundle of joy. For me and my husband, this baby comes as the most planned one. Every medical advice was taken, I did my research well before I conceived, I took all the pre-pregnancy medicines advised by medical experts and here I am now in my 8th month of pregnancy and every one of us in my family is waiting excitedly for its arrival. 

As my pregnancy rolls, the excitement is building amongst my older children. Letting them feel their baby sibling kick, making them talk to the baby are some of the sweet moments which we relish every day as a family. The memories we make along the way is something that cannot be quantified. I read researches reckoning that after having a certain number of children, you reach that easier level of managing parenthood yet 3rd child is the tipping point of stress in a family. I am yet to justify or refute this finding. 

But at the end of everything I know, this baby will make me realize how much love the human heart is capable of. I look at our older children with a fresh set of eyes and realize how they have grown up over the years. I recall those moments when they kicked and hiccupped and squirmed in my womb. I look at my husband and be grateful for the three priceless gifts he has given and forgive him for (almost) everything else. 

With my third baby coming soon, I know my life will be frenzied crazy and loud. My house will be full of shouting and frustration and love. But despite all the frustrations, all the annoyances and the noise, I am assured that I will have even more of those distinctive experiences, even more of those breathtaking moments. 

I know I will finally be complete.

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