Monday, February 15, 2010


I don’t know what I should call it but 26 years and I feel that I have lived my life, not because I have accomplished something very great but because I had the advantage to endure everything in life, more than any women would have in a life time.
At 21 and still in college I became a mother, a totally unprepared mother but let me tell you, when the hospital people bought the baby for the very first time to me and when I held it for the first time to my heart I truly felt lucky…lucky not because I became a mother but lucky because I just gave this little creature a beautiful life. And no matter what people said, I knew this little angel would brighten up my world from this time forth.
Motherhood as I would say is the most beautiful chapter in a women’s life. Though my motherhood was amidst those entire crises yet it was beautiful in its own way. It had its own charisma. When my parents came to know about it, the guilt of not having been the expected daughter to them always accompanied me. But now at this point of life, I know I have achieved their love and pride back.
I decided to live with the man I thought I would love for the rest of my life but you see life doesn’t always come out the way we wanted it. Everything changes with time as people say, so did mine.
For now life has taken a good turn for me, I have a good job, my parents are happy and I have this beautiful angel by my side. With all these people around me, I don’t think I have room for a man in my life again (pardon me but men have taught me the hard way)…lol…but yet again you never know what’s stock up for you and I am copiously equipped for anything Mr. Fate has designed for me.
I consider myself way too lucky when it comes to my beautiful daughter, who is my world. She is my best friend, my pride actually my everything. The mere fact that she has started schooling gives me immense pleasure. After a tiring day at office, her cheerful face and her every chirpy nature lightens me up. And at night as she cuddles up beside me, I know this is true happiness…at least for me!