Thursday, June 9, 2011


I have been at a standstill with my writings and seriously I don’t get the disposition these days to do so too. The other day I was arguing with one of my senior at work. Taking a look at my blog, he was of the view that blogging should not be allowed in the office (he meant it should be blocked like the social networking sites. I know he was just being polite using the word “not allowed” which meant “blocked”!). He feared that we would be most of the time scribbling articles and thereby slaying our time which would actually be used towards something more productive (as if writing wasn’t productive). But any way I made my points clear that for me when I need to write something, I need the right mood and of course the right surroundings. I can never write an article in the office and our office is one of those offices frequented by lots of people from all walks of life. So all the more reasons I cannot get the right eagerness to put pen to paper. The debate still needs to be continued!
Being a literature student, I have had for all time the love for writing. I always used to envy those who were so flawless with their language, I still do. It may sound weird to some but the first thing that catches my attention towards a person is his/her language. It is words that can have my heart at their feet (oops my weakness!). Well this doesn’t mean that I have the best of lingo myself but I seek to perfect it (no one is perfect I know!) someday hopefully!
Down the existence lane, it gives me a kind of exhilaration to envisage myself as a writer cocooned in my own world of fantasies, angels, barbies, miracles and magic. Pardon me if I have started sounding out of the world but we have been taught in my literature days that poets and writers transport themselves out of this world through their writings. That’s how they liberate (momentarily though) themselves from the worldly pain and sufferings. Yet again I don’t mean to say that I am so much drowned in sufferings( heaven be thanked for I have a blessed life) that I want to sought to writing but the mere fact that I love writing shove me to have such attitude.
May be some day I can work on this distant dream, May be some day I can even realize it, may be some day I will be a writer , a passion I had in me from the time when I was handed the pencil!