Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blame it on me!

I don’t blame my sister when she says I am stupid neither my friends when they say how naive I am. I deserve all those commentary at this very moment. My sister says I am stupid because I am brooding and slaying my liveliness over something which doesn’t even deserve to be given a thought(well she loves me, that’s why she says these to make me feel better) and my friends consider me na├»ve because I had the audacity to trust someone who is not even here, giving my heart to someone whom I haven’t even seen. Well all I can say is its Fate; I know this is a very frail reason even then I beseech you spare me from further interjections. It was fate which bought us together and it is fate again making us play the disappearing game. No I am not assuming anything nor trying to give explanations. I am just vomiting out my thoughts. And I may be wrong too. Forgive me if I am.
Trust? Now this is where my greatest weakness lies. I trust people very fast. And despite the fact that I have got in to several such blunders before did not hold me back from trusting a total stranger this time. This was the limit of my stupidity. I feel no indignity when I admit I am stupid. But at the same time I am not regretting anything of what I did or had because that was what I exactly wanted at that very point of time. And I don’t give any assurance that I won’t trust another tomorrow. You know life has to move on, the pages of life’s book has to be flipped rather being glued on the same page. But of course the lessons have to be learnt as well. And I take pride in telling you that I have learnt my lessons too well.
And Mr. Stranger if you are reading this piece, please know that I have every reason to be awfully thankful to you for everything. The reasons are best known to me. smile 