Friday, March 18, 2011


Who doesn’t suck at good byes? I am neither a heaven sent angel nor do I possess any magical powers, that with one spin of my wand, I can do wonders. I am like everyone else, a normal ordinary human being made up of flesh and blood. And I suck totally at good byes too.
“Good bye” I wonder what is the “good” in it when nothing of it is good enough, when all it gives is soreness. I have had so many good byes and each good byes only went on getting difficult than the preceding one.
I have been a witness to so many good byes and I have found myself crying over them. As a child, I dreaded the idea of going away from my parents but when I had to leave for my studies, I had no option but to bid good bye for my own good. I wept when my friends bade good bye to leave for their studies and several times over silly love good byes. And I would still cry if I have to bid good bye again.
And yet again I am here to bid yet another good bye; good bye to a person who came in to my world out of the blue and made it so beautiful despite the fact that it was so brief. My heart is heavy and the scenes around me seem to get a little blurry too, damn I told you I am not good at good byes and I am too good at crying. But it is next to impossible not to say good bye and even more impossible to be with you. I don’t know what the future holds or what destiny has in store for me but I am convinced of this that you were sent my way to show me the way forward. The future seems to unveil because of you!
So good bye my dear! You will be missed a lot! And you shall until the end of time occupy a small corner of my heart!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The MTR Experience

Experiencing our country and its customs during the mid- term review with the prime minister and team was the best way to self indulge oneself productively. It was an opportunity to discover and experience the difference between the poorest dzongkhag and the developed ones. I was privileged to have been able to tour five dzongkhags, more so because I got the opportunity to tour two dzongkhags – Samtse and Zhemgang – which are considered the poorest in the country.

What I have learnt from this trip is something very valuable which would shape me to become a more productive civil servant. Just as the prime minister says “our goal should be to bring people together sharing a common goal” I strongly feel that we should think alike in order to grow alike and harmoniously. I have learnt that the thoughts of each individual as a citizen of Bhutan matters to the happiness of the country which would ultimately contribute to GNH.

It was humbling to see our prime minister walking to every dzongkhag tirelessly.

For once I almost found myself delving into the strong historic tales of the great pioneers of our country with each breathtaking reminder of appreciative facts that the prime minister delivered to each gathering he spoke to. History as a subject was never so appealing to me as a student. But the realization that history could do a lot of wonders on people if delivered wisely did make me change my opinion on the subject I dreaded learning.

The prime minister emphasized on how we should carry on forth the same spirit of brotherhood ingrained in us from time immemorial irrespective of the political transition. The assurance of building a peaceful and a stable Drukyul for all generations to come while working on the prime objective to eradicate poverty was a very emotional issue which touched many hearts.

Hilarious outburst in between such discussions did trigger a relaxing ambience motivating people to figure out their major problems and thus working out a solution collectively.

The prime minister made sure that before leaving each gathering after such sessions, he instilled in the people some enthusiasm to cooperate in developing a greater living society for one and all. His willingness to share the blame for Samtse’s slow growth was very encouraging. He rightly termed it as “wholesome responsibility” of all. This clearly indicated the optimism in him. I am confident that it must have encouraged many of the audience like it did to me.

In short, I would say that it would have been a great regret if I had not made to this trip. It was indeed an eye opener especially for me having learnt so many things many of which I am not able to put it down in words but deeply embedded within.

PS- This article has been published in Business Bhutan as a column:)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Destiny and Me

As I sit on my bed on this chilly morning too lazy to come out of the bed. It is already March and yet the cold is still here to stay. I try trapping my thoughts in my laptop; “Destiny” is the word that hits me hard. People say if you are meant to be, you will be together and vice versa. I ask if you were not meant to be, why destiny even let us meet when there is no way we could be together? I look at my cell (expectation never leaves me) though I know and I have alleged several times that It leads to misery. Yet I can’t help it, the emotional fool that I am.
This time I have a very different story to tell you. It is neither about unrequited love nor about compunctions. And I am not even sure if it is love this time or if it is just another chapter to be read and flipped. Or an episode to be remembered somewhere down the memory lane.
Mr. Cupid never runs out of arrows to hit me and every time it hits the bull’s eye, right on my heart. Darn! He is a very good sharp shooter, never misses a single shoot. I am sure me being born on the Valentine’s Day has nothing to do for such generous showers of arrows from him. I never thought in my wildest of the wildest imagination that this time Mr. Cupid was targeting his arrow at someone I could never grasp. But the miracle was much more than I expected.
So here I am again at the threshold of another entrance confused whether I should take a step in or step back! “Matter of time “he did say but time is fleeting and so is life.