Saturday, March 12, 2011

Destiny and Me

As I sit on my bed on this chilly morning too lazy to come out of the bed. It is already March and yet the cold is still here to stay. I try trapping my thoughts in my laptop; “Destiny” is the word that hits me hard. People say if you are meant to be, you will be together and vice versa. I ask if you were not meant to be, why destiny even let us meet when there is no way we could be together? I look at my cell (expectation never leaves me) though I know and I have alleged several times that It leads to misery. Yet I can’t help it, the emotional fool that I am.
This time I have a very different story to tell you. It is neither about unrequited love nor about compunctions. And I am not even sure if it is love this time or if it is just another chapter to be read and flipped. Or an episode to be remembered somewhere down the memory lane.
Mr. Cupid never runs out of arrows to hit me and every time it hits the bull’s eye, right on my heart. Darn! He is a very good sharp shooter, never misses a single shoot. I am sure me being born on the Valentine’s Day has nothing to do for such generous showers of arrows from him. I never thought in my wildest of the wildest imagination that this time Mr. Cupid was targeting his arrow at someone I could never grasp. But the miracle was much more than I expected.
So here I am again at the threshold of another entrance confused whether I should take a step in or step back! “Matter of time “he did say but time is fleeting and so is life.

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