Saturday, January 5, 2013

“Behind every successful man is a woman”

My husband has been quite often using this well-known quote on me and I must not forget to note the tone each time he brings it into play. Sometimes he uses it with a full stop meaning he appreciates my role as a wife and at times with a question mark (yeah, the sickle mark) meaning “hey woman what is your contribution as a wife?” well whatever it is, this quote sure seems to have really impacted my husband and it has left me with no choice but to be that woman;). 

Marriage as I see it is not just about adjusting with one another but more about complimenting each other, covering up each other’s fault in public but at the same time confronting it in private. Most importantly respecting each other’s advise to one another and trying to keep up to it. There is no such thing called as perfect marriage, every marriage has its downsides just as it has its brighter sides.
I know the above lines are easy to be read or write but the tricky part lies in the realization. Adjusting to this so called marital life has not been at all easy for the two of us. 

For the past ten months, things have been going topsy-turvy in every aspect but I should be proud to say that we are faring well. After almost four years of separation, for the first few days it was like starting anew all over again with a completely new person but within days of our re-union I felt like we made it up for the four years we lost. It was as if we have never been separated (atleast on my part) because the comfort zone between us came back naturally, as natural as it can be. But (the big BUT) adjusting part was the most difficult and still is. We might have made up for the lost years between us but the hangover of it never left us. The late night freak outs and the single life freedom was the toughest part to shed off (especially for him). I got agitated every time his cell beeped his friends wanting him to party out (how I wanted to shriek at the top of the voice “He has a family now!”). Things have calmed down much more now and I can confidently say we are a proper family leading an upright life. Of course there are occasional tiff between us which are absolutely normal, otherwise life has taken a good turn and god forbid let it be this way. 

Coming back to the quote, my personal contemplation is that it works both ways. For a man to be successful his woman needs to lend him a helping hand and it is vice versa. I can’t put out of my mind the line, the president of the United States of America Barack Obama expressed, while giving his victory speech “And I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the woman who agreed to marry me 20 years ago”. This very line stands testimony to the fact that behind every successful individual, his partner has a greater role to play.