Monday, August 22, 2011

Armored for love

Love doesn’t come easy and when it does, it comes with such a bang that you don’t seem to have any control over your mind, body and mostly your heart. I am in love again or should I say Mr. Cupid’s arrow did its wonder despite the fact that I had my armor on.

Just a couple of days ago I had questioned about the existence of my prince charming, my soul mate and here I am today with yet another story. I don’t know if I have found the prince charming I have always dreamt of, time should tell me in time. But one thing is for sure that I have lost my heart to this man, who came out of the blue and everything started falling in to place. It now makes sense why it never worked out with anyone else. May be its too soon to assume anything but for now I am blessed with someone; I never thought would come my way.

Love sometimes has funny ways of working in our lives, just when you least expected it to happen, it comes with all its fury. And when you had that flicker of hope that love would sparkle, the unexpected gust of destiny’s wind blows it off. Well for now I just want to live the moment, I don’t care what the future holds but I know something beautiful awaits US!

PS: they say Happiness is found in small things but for now my happiness is being beside this man!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Soul mates: Do they exist?

The idea of having a perfect soul mate always amuses me. As a child the fairy tales I read had done its wonders on me. I would imagine my prince charming riding on a white horse (you know the kind in Sleeping beauty) someday and stealing me away to the far away land of happiness. But as I grew up, the fantasy of the white horse and the happiness land faded yet the idea of a prince charming never left me. I was told that some one some where is made for you and this very idea excited me. I couldn’t wait to meet the one solely made for me. But alas I was never told that I would have to pass through so many toads (no hard feelings to anyone) before I could meet my very own prince charming. I fell in love (so I thought) when I was in my teens, I thought I found my prince charming but it wasn’t the happily ever after ending. It rather ended way too soon. After that the so called prince charmings (a handful) came my way but none proved one. Some gave me their reasons for having to go and some I did to let go.
Then came the most exciting phase of my life, the college! The idea of a prince charming ever with me, I had made the work easier for Mr. Cupid. The first year of my college, I met my teen love and just a spark and the flames flared up. I was sure that I found my prince charming at last for why would destiny let us meet again after so many years. But destiny had different plans for me. Just a year and our relationship was what you called on the rocks. I ended it for the good of both of us. Now he is happily married to my best friend (that’s how weird destiny can be sometimes!) and they are blessed with a wonderful son.
What was in store for me in the coming year has already been narrated to my readers in my earlier article “motherhood” so I won’t bore you repeating the boring stuff over again. So that was a procession of prince charmings I met, of course none turned out to be one. But before I knew, I realized that through all these pain, hurt and of course happiness, I had gained the most valuable lesson of a lifetime “to be careful of whom you trust”. But the idea of a perfect soul mate still amuses me  though I wonder if soul mates ever really do exist! If they do where is mine? Lol