Friday, March 18, 2011


Who doesn’t suck at good byes? I am neither a heaven sent angel nor do I possess any magical powers, that with one spin of my wand, I can do wonders. I am like everyone else, a normal ordinary human being made up of flesh and blood. And I suck totally at good byes too.
“Good bye” I wonder what is the “good” in it when nothing of it is good enough, when all it gives is soreness. I have had so many good byes and each good byes only went on getting difficult than the preceding one.
I have been a witness to so many good byes and I have found myself crying over them. As a child, I dreaded the idea of going away from my parents but when I had to leave for my studies, I had no option but to bid good bye for my own good. I wept when my friends bade good bye to leave for their studies and several times over silly love good byes. And I would still cry if I have to bid good bye again.
And yet again I am here to bid yet another good bye; good bye to a person who came in to my world out of the blue and made it so beautiful despite the fact that it was so brief. My heart is heavy and the scenes around me seem to get a little blurry too, damn I told you I am not good at good byes and I am too good at crying. But it is next to impossible not to say good bye and even more impossible to be with you. I don’t know what the future holds or what destiny has in store for me but I am convinced of this that you were sent my way to show me the way forward. The future seems to unveil because of you!
So good bye my dear! You will be missed a lot! And you shall until the end of time occupy a small corner of my heart!

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