Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coyote ugly – a sad reality

“Sir please come in”- the girls at the door confer a amorous look to lure passersby in to their bars. Inside girls barely clothed dancing to the music aired, faking smiles and moves. My heart went out to these girls and I couldn’t help asking if what they are doing were out of pure interest or was it out of desperation. The only answer I got was a smile, a painful one so I asked no more. I could see a daughter, a sister and above all a helpless woman dancing on that display place where hungry eyes looked upon as if waiting to pounce upon a prey.
“Sir Will you buy me a drink?” A girl barely in her twenties treaded softly to the man beside me who had just made his entrance .The man lustfully pulled her to his side and started chafing his hands on her bare body. Of course she was paid with a drink. Later on I learnt that she would be paid by the bar in terms of commission so it meant she was doing it to earn a little extra. I could feel the uneasiness of the girl as she was being lustfully played by the man. But as helpless as it seems, I could feel the nakedness of her poverty that might have had dragged her in to such setting.
As I looked upon, the environment rather started getting worse, more men started pouring in. These glowed up the faces of the ladies there because obviously it meant they will be getting more money. Probably this also meant they will be able to send back home a little more money.
As I left the dingy heartrending place with my friends, I took a fleeting look back to get a glimpse of the helpless girls entertaining the men around them, a far-flung reverie of becoming a mother, a wife plainly glimmering in their eyes.


  1. We all are the victims of circumstances...wherein one is born poor, therein the lust for life increases......some fight in bitter way, some in dirtier way, some in pathetic way..and some in luckier way....

  2. It's really a sad reality, Not many of us are aware about why adolescent girls from low income families in small towns choose to dance in Mumbai's bars. Or if they have an option at all.I have read several stories where there alcoholic father sell there virginity for money. It's really pathetic...Nicely written ...Keep posting these kind of articles.