Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One evening in Zhemgang…

One after another, the figuria shots continued as I looked upon. I checked the time on my cell, it was already past midnight. I prayed within that they would finish it up fast as I tried to swallow in my share of figuria. I was worn-out, totally exhausted and sleepy; I just longed to crash flat on the bed. But as tired as I was after 10 long hours of journey from the Capital, I was enjoying every moment of it. A moment which would have happened long time back but somehow never did clicked. Well “every good thing waits” makes sense now. Five of us, two of them got introduced at that moment to me. Menuka, a quiet girl, she worked for RDTC and Gyan, a very friendly character and he was doing his intern at the hospital. Tashi was my old college mate who was a journalist now and the host was my long time chat friend. Sans (that’s how I like to call him) and I got acquainted on face book while he was still doing his MBBS in Srilanka and since then we have never failed to keep clued-up on each other on whatever was happening on each side. We even lost touch in between but the tie was always there which would always reconnect us. The funniest part was that we never met in person even after we found out that we were in the same town. And here we were, finally meeting in Zhemgang. Zhemgang does have surprises stock up for each time I visit.
The bottle was finally emptied and sans rose up not to leave but to announce dinner time. Yes midnight supper he meant. I already had my dinner but I didn’t mind having one more. So I joined them. You can imagine the time now. A few jokes were cracked during the process of intake; I tried a hand at the jokes too. The supper done, everyone rose up to leave, to drop me (I was putting up at the guest house). And the next minute, sans was driving us through the hushed town of Zhemgang. As we neared the guest house, Gyan declared that we take a ride. “Ride in Zhemgang??? Well it sounded weird; there wasn’t any Buddha point or any Sangaygang where we could go for a ride. Nevertheless off we went on the so called ride through the deserted road of Zhemgang. It seemed to me as if the road had been abandoned for ages. It was scary but with two pleasant tough guys though a little intoxicated, I felt safe or may be I was trying console myself :p. Whatever it may be, I was sure they wouldn’t leave us or would they??? Let me leave this to the guys to answer.
Sans narrated how he saw a leopard once on his way and how masculine it looked. And of course he didn’t forget to talk about the recent accident that occurred on the Reotala road. It may sound so sissy but I was scared hearing about death so closely. And to add on Tashi related an incident of a man who was recently found dead near a stream. The man must have gone in search of mushrooms when he died mysteriously. I could hear the stream flowing sinuously outside, it was eerie. I heaved a sigh of relief when sans finally decided to turn the car back after pointing to the spot where he said that people come to cleanse their car. We headed back and this time it was up towards RDTC to drop Menuka back to her place. After bidding good night to Menuka, we finally headed back to the guest house. But as I hugged them good night at the gate, I realized I was already missing them.
As I slipped silently next to my friend trying not to disturb her, I couldn’t help smiling at the wonderful time I just had. As I text my friend thank you, deep inside I knew such more moments were yet to come. It was 3 am when I finally gave in to my beauty sleep.


  1. what a nicely written memory of that evening..dt stretched well past mid-night bottle..:)) keep up the gud work...i scribble on my dairy sometimes..:)

  2. Thank you menuka for thy generous comment :) The memory of that night was worth capturing so i did it in this piece :) and hey let us also read your scribblings :)

  3. nice one.....quite a surprise flashback i had going through it...i remember the place where ur fren said that vehicles are a student in Zhemgang higher secondary school, i had many experiences of the little town that sits atop the hill...

  4. Zhemgang indeed is beautiful, unaffected by the cruelty of development n its people even more :)