Thursday, December 1, 2011

My perfect man!

There was a time in our life or should I say in every woman’s life (I have no say over the men if they also had such moments). A time when the pinnacle of our discussion would be about our Mr. Perfect, how would we like our Mr. Perfect to be, the criterion we set in our minds. Some would want their man to be older than them, for some age doesn’t matter as long as he loves her and there are some nothing else matters but a huge bank balance. Even I had made my own set of rules for a man to walk down the aisle with me. For me the first criterion for my man would always be love (I am a valentine girl if you have forgotten), my man should love me unconditionally. I would say in the presence of love, nothing else matters and that every other thing would fall in place.
As I revert back to those days of our innocent discussion, I cannot help letting out a small laugh for I now find it amusing and funny. The illusion of setting criterion for your Mr. Perfect fades as you cross the threshold of the factual world. You come to realize that setting criterion doesn’t actually helps you find a man befitting all your criterion. You come to realize that there is nothing called perfect man, there are only imperfect men to be perfected! Yet we still set criterion, don’t we?
In my quest to find my Mr. Perfect, I have had to go through a number of battles. Battles of love, hatred, anger, pain. Sometimes I lost, often times I was taken as a prisoner of war and I am still yet to win one battle at least.
My young cousins never fail to remind me of those days whenever I see them chit chattering happily about their future Mr. perfect. And when they ask me about it all I say is “it’s never wrong to set criterion but the real world has something different in store for you, you better be ready” I know this wouldn’t make any sense to them now but someday they are going to tell me “you were right!”.
Well I am yet to know if I have found my Mr. Perfect, I shall wait for time and him to prove it. And LOVE still tops the criterion list for me!


  1. I never had a criteria and I still don't have any criteria(s) of my perfect man.
    Should I be called an imperfect person not to have one?
    Well, I see lots of my friends who choose someone taller, some choose with a kind heart, some ideal women goes for a person with a proper career suiting themselves, some choose to have anyone that comes to them by fate while some go for guy who keeps no beard and keeps short hair.
    It's funny how a girl could and would save the criteria and then later on, ll it matters is the love between the couples and so shall the couples live happily.

  2. u r right yeesi :) it is funny setting up criteria but the thing with us women is that no matter how many or what kind of criteria we set for a man to be our Mr. perfect, at the end of the day when we find a person we love, no criteria matters :) so at the end it is only love that matters i guess:) and no u aint a imperfect person but someone completely lovable n m sure ur prince charming is around the corner or has he already made his appearance? :) take care n keep posted!