Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Roses have thorns!

Who is a flirt? The most common notion of a flirt is someone who plays around, who is never in a steady relationship and who treats another human being nothing but a mere play toy. In short a flirt is a human being who lacks a heart! This is the general notion of a flirt. My elder brother was a known flirt when he was in his twenties and even till early thirties but now he has a good family with two kids to take care of and I tell you I have never seen in any guy the qualities of a best husband as I see in him. I have heard his neighbors tell each other how lucky my sister in-law is (well she is to be credited the most as well).
Well I am not here to justify or to prove anything. But for the past few weeks the idiom “flirt” has been gnawing my mind. As soon as we hear that some one is going around with a guy who had a bad past or who has been playing around with girls, news starts spreading like wildfire “oh she is with that flirt!” oh dear why did she go with such a guy? Etc etc. People gather in groups and starts gossiping! And the worst they exaggerate the news.
My brother was a flirt but he had every excuse to be one. He was good looking; he had a nice status and he came from a good family (I am not exaggerating here). And every girl he approached (please note: he never dated any girl without her consent) reciprocated positively. And having every girl with a yes is a feather on any men’s cap (I can bet on this fact). Of course this doesn’t mean that such a man can go on exploiting women but equal responsibilities fall upon the woman too, actually the larger portion of the chunk falls on her. If she intends to get in to a relationship with such a man, she must be prepared to be the target of every rumor and gossips in town. But if she gets in to such a relationship ignorant of the man’s past facts, well she got no one to blame for ignorance is not bliss every time. But if she is lucky, she might find a gem of a person in that very flirt.

Every Priest has a past and every sinner has a future!

PS:The feelings and opinions expressed in the above article are completely the author’s own and bear no negativity towards anyone.


  1. Agree with ya, TOTALLY there!!

  2. Definitely! Flirting has become a part of fashion these days. This is purely a westernized borrowed culture. And now that the facebook is so alive within, the flirting might be still ON and ALIVE as well. People adapted to the environment becomes addicted to what they are doing,they can't stop it!

    But anyhow, glad to hear about your brothers personality and his successful life.