Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our own fairy tale romance to relate

King Edward VIII abdicated his throne for the woman he loved, some even sacrificed their life for love and there are many who resorted to poetry. Such stories never fascinated me; rather I scorned at the very fact that how stupid people can get in love. But right now at this juncture of life, I am eating my own words. But this does not mean that I am doing any of those mentioned above for I still some where in the little corner of my heart find it stupid or to put it in a more nicer way “impractical”. But at the same time I have found a new meaning to Love, a very practical one, imparted by our very own king.
Amidst all the nervousness and timidity, When His Majesty unveiled the queen of his heart to his people on 20 May 2011, the very line “Queen of my heart “caught my heart. How lovely it sounded, so simple yet so extra ordinary.
Once in a lifetime they say you fall in love truly, note the word “truly”. There is this one person who has been specifically designed for you, the one who may not have the best of qualities yet you are mesmerized totally. The one may have a gruesome past but you are okay with it because it’s the present and the future you seek with that very individual. I asked you to note the word “truly” because love happens almost every once in a while, for some even every day but that doesn’t mean you are in love truly every time you feel the goose bumps. There is only one person in this entire universe that has the magic to make you feel this way. Have you ever met such a person? If not, then I tell you, you haven’t yet lived a life.
With The royal wedding just around the corner, I cannot help feeling quixotic for the very air we inhale has been sprinkled with the so called magic dust of love. His majesty has enlarged the very idea of Love and Bhutan has become a fairytale kingdom, a kingdom we have read in books, a kingdom we always wanted to happen. An enchanted kingdom which is actually happening!
Bhutanese people have been always considered the lucky lot by the out side world and we always prided in GNH, a noble vision handed over by our beloved 4th Druk Gyalpo. And now we have more reasons to be proud of, for it has been proven that it is love the Bhutanese people seek, and it has always been said by the great ones that it is love that can conquer all. We have indeed proven that GNH can be realized.
Thank you your Majesty for showing us the path to Love, with your heart of gold I am sure and confident that Bhutanese people will find their own happily ever after and Bhutan shall go in to the history as the only fairytale kingdom that actually happened in real.
With this I would like to wish your Majesty and the Queen of Your Heart abundance of happiness and may love never leave your hearts. Congratulations!

PS-Business Bhutan has published the article in their magazine "jewel in the crown"