Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The birthday surprise and the lesson I learnt

I could see that this year my birthday was going to be one of the most mind-numbing boring episode. Just on the eve my sister tells me she has to leave for Wangdi for some urgent ad-hoc official call and Namsay sms me saying she has to go with her aunt to Tsirang that too unplanned. Next Dechen texts me saying she will have to sleep over at my place since she will be held up late at the office. That left me with my cousin and Dechen on my birthday eve. “At least I am not going to be alone” thought gave me some flicker of hope.
It wasn’t even 10 pm that Dechen and my cousin started getting worried that I was not sleeping. Well I found it quiet unusual but Dechen made sense when she said we got office the next day and that it wasn’t wise to stay up late. Bidding good night to my cousin I went off to my bed and Dechen immediately followed. Even after an hour of getting in to the bed, there was no sign of any sleep approaching me so as usual I put on the music on my cell. I was still wide awake singing along with the music when I heard the main door being opened; I immediately got up and shouted at my brother thinking he was sneaking out. What came next was totally unanticipated. My sister who was supposed to be in Wangdi was there with a candles lit cake and Namsay had her cell full on playing with a birthday song. For a while I didn’t know what was actually happening but slowly things started to link up...the ad-hoc official call, Dechen wanting to come to sleep over and Namsay all of a sudden leaving to Tsirang. So these beautiful people were actually planning this great surprise for me. It got my platinum tears rolling. The next followed the gifts and the celebration. The best ever celebration I ever had.
Thank you my lovelies for making it such a special one more so for making me realize that there are people who cares about me, people who are special to me who I almost overlooked in the midst of trying to specialize someone, someone who doesn’t even appreciate my being. But now I know where I stand and I can pompously admit that I am special to you all as you are to me and that matters more than anything else in the world. Thank you is never enough to convey you what is in my heart. I love you guys.