Sunday, February 19, 2012

The stupid cupid!

I am just so goaded by this thing so called “feeling”! How and where does it grow from? And if it at all grows, why doesn’t it breed in the other person too? Why has it to be just one sided? Well these are the million dollar questions which I guess will never find any answers.

The heart must be the strongest organ in our body for the amount of emotions it can carry and endure. Name any emotions love, anger, hate, Jealousy-it is the heart that face it first and also the consequences that it has to go through later. May be the silver lining here is that it never stops beating despite all the things it has to bear. May be that’s why people say “life moves on” or is it that the heart beats on?

Have you tried being the cupid between two people?

I had not at all intended to hurt someone, what started off as having a little bit of fun , I was not aware that in the process it might end up hurting someone, after all the person on the other end was a human like us too. It was the Valentine’s Day eve and I thought I will try being the cupid (the naughty version of cupid) to kindle some love between two people. In being so I ended up giving so much hope to the other side that it started scaring me when things at this end starting getting clearer. Out of all the things I intended which was again all for fun, breaking some one’s heart was not at all my intent and I knew what was like to have your hopes dwindle right in front. I did not have the slightest idea that the so called feeling on the other side was just so pure and true. May be I was so worn out by fake feelings that I believed no such pure thing ever existed but now I know how wrong I was. This world still has pure people.

Well in all this goings-on, something very beautiful ensued (and I am sure the other side would agree with me here). The bond that built between us is something I can pride in. In the process of chitchat and teasing, a beautiful relationship shaped, a nameless relationship but pure in its own way. And I plan to keep it that way for I don’t want in any way to ruin this connection. I am assured that there are bonds that can happen in life that are far more beautiful without ever having the need to see each other, bonds that survive with just the thought about the existence of the other unknown person who can understand you completely. And may be such bonds lasts for the real bonds have started scaring me way too much.

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