Tuesday, October 6, 2009

‘Every thing is fair in LOVE’

Life has never been the same for Jamyang since he made a grand entrance in to her disturbed world and then left, every passing day would be a torture for her without his presence but the irony was they did not had anything in between for which she is suffering so much but love is blind so was her love for him. She never cared what he felt for her, she loved him more than anything and that was just enough for her to go on…of course she would wish he could love her back but some things were there that did not allow love to blossom between them…but the question that was always asked was “is loving someone a sin…does religion teaches u not to love…” it is funny…religion preaches u to love and at the same time restricts u too..
Jamyang never in her wildest thoughts had ever imagined that a person so different not only by nature but by birth would cross her fate…she was swept off her world the first time she saw him…he was so calm, so friendly and handsome an the best thing about him was he was not ordinary. Yet she never intended to be in this position that she was today until the night he asked her out which changed her everything, she could not blame him because he never meant to leave her in this situation. Some where in the corners of her little heart was a hope that he felt the same way she did…that he also longed for her and was as excited as she was when there was a mail…
Jamyang always believed in miracles and he was no less than a miracle for her…he came all the way to relief her from the pains she had been just through, he welcomed her to the new world where only love rules, he comforted her and assured her of his support anytime and always.
The only thing Jamyang needed for her to go on was his love, his support and his presence. The fact that he was so far always killed her within, she always finds herself time and again looking at the calendar and wishing the days would pass more quickly. They had made promises to always keep in touch which they do and some where in the midst of his mails she could read that he missed her too though he did not actually write it down but some things are best understood when it is unsaid.
He was not ordinary but was a human being like the rest of us and Jamyang didn’t care about the barriers that stopped them from being one. She did not know what was fair in war but she definitely knew that everything was fair in love…in her love or may be someday in their LOVE…..
“They say it is difficult to wait for some one
They say it’s difficult to forget someone
But the most difficult thing is when you don’t know whether to wait or to forget someone”

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