Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The road never to be taken

People say “if you are capable of loving some one so much then you may also be capable of hating some one so much” well I don’t know how true this phrase holds but I can certainly be sure that every good thing has its own boundary, be it even love for that matter. I never knew I would be walking the same road again which I had chose never to walk again. But as bad as my luck would have it, I found myself uncontrollably walking or rather being dragged to that very road. This time it was even worse, there was even more complication, even more frequent were the heart burns and the hurts were even more hurting. Stupid as it may sound but I was in a nameless relationship. When people asked me about it, I was always with one answer and always the same” I don’t know” stupid isn’t it? And yet there I was flaunting about the mysterious bond, being as stupid as ever. But all said and done, at the end of the day, you are the one who gets hurt. No matter how much you flaunt or how much you try to hide, the tears give way…

Now this is where my crazy yet understanding friends come in to the picture. The other day I was chatting with my bestest buddy online who is in the Netherlands doing her MA and as usual we were in to our own world of telling each other of what was happening at our sides since her departure. She would always be very philosophical with whatever I tell her. She is one person who would successfully transport me in to a magic world of the angels where only happiness rules. She is one sweet person for whose company I am blessed now for something good I must have done in my past life. And there, my other friend in Korea would jerk me right back to the reality world with her ever stern tone, of course the sisterly way. She is one person who would do anything to get me in to the line but always for my good. And there is one more, the girly one or rather the confident one. She would always be ready with a way out no matter what on earth situation I was in. and yes she always makes me feel proud to be a woman with her ever confident talks. So the three of them, the sweet one, the stern one and the confident one. Doesn’t that make the best combination???

In short, I am blessed with the best people who always make me feel at my best. They always have a way to bring out the best in me no matter what kind of crap my stupidity must have got me in to. They always manage to take me out.

As for the road encounter, I am done with it. And like I said to him, “it was a stage to learn more.” And indeed it was!