Saturday, November 28, 2009


Okay here I go…my room is in a mess, clothes and toys spread everywhere, suitcases crammed and boxes packed. No I am not lazy but I am shifting to my new apartment. My mom says tomorrow is a good day to shift; she must have consulted some local psychic as she always does for every little thing. Well I still don’t have any idea how do I go about it. I have been calling everyone on my contact list for help. I am glad to have got four of my guy friends to help me with the shifting. Oh yes my uncle has gladly volunteered to give me his hilux for a day and I am very grateful for the timely help.
Phew the thought itself has started tiring me but at the same I am very thrilled with the idea that I am to get settled in to my new apartment, all by myself. It has got two cozy rooms with a very cute living room and I am just too excited to do the interior decorations.
But I know I am going to miss my old flat and more over my very lively roommate. I am going to miss the crazy stupid stuffs we did as roomies. Those prank calls we made when we were bored and the act of innocence we put on the next day and of course the way we used to cover up for each other if anyone of our people were around for anything which might otherwise annoy them. Those late night movies we used to watch. The movies varied from horrors, comedy to romantic depending on our moods. Horror movies would end up scaring us so much that we used to go to the bathroom hand in hand chanting the basic mantras we know. And crying for no reason if it is a very emotional movie we are watching and later laughing at each other making fun of the smudged eye liners smeared all over our face. Guess what I am already missing the moments.
Excitement is in the air we breathe. My princess as cute as always has all her toys neatly packed and I tell you she is the most excited amongst all of us to go to a new neighborhood. My sis another excited soul had her stuffs packed weeks ago and my nanny has been bombarding me with all those how, when and what...phew…and my lovely neighbors have planned a farewell for me tomorrow. I am just too excited!!!

PS: I am already planning my housewarming!

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