Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Stranger online

I finally got net connected to my place after my stupid office have blocked everything for that matter even friend finder sites. I wonder what contentment the IT people acquire blocking everything, if given a chance I very much would like to spank each one of them…seriously… "The labour net system is slowed down" is their rationale, well sounds vague but I cant do anything about it so be it…I can get net to my place and so that's how I got connected again…there's another reason why I got the connection…face book. ..Farming on the net!!! You sow, you plow and even harvest and sell…its real fun…and well of course you get to meet and chat with people from different walks of life!

Now here comes the main one…I don't know whether I should call it fate or chance but that day I was busy plowing my online farm as usual that somebody buzzed me…"hi…well I did not had anyone online and had been ages since I last chatted so I replied back hi there…and so it all started from there. From a simple hi hello to catch you next time. Well I don't know how the person on the other side felt but I must admit I have been utterly smitten (I hope it's the right word) by this stranger online at the very first chat. His way of conversation and his language was simply awesome. For him I might be just one more online FB girl he meets up everyday, so no big deal. And moreover he is living in one of the most happening cities of the world "New York" so that gives all the more reason he not to feel what I am feeling. Too busy to feel the feel!

Don't tell me I am falling for this stranger but I seem to wish him online everyday and the worst part I miss him too bad. Am I falling??? Hell no I tell myself…My sister and my flat mate think I am crazy wishing for something almost impossible and I know they are right…two different people living in two completely different world can never be one. ..Sigh…and being an English honors graduate, I have always been overwhelmed by people with good English and I believe that a person's nature is reflected through his writing so no doubt I was impressed here by a total stranger. May be I am being absurd and stupid like I always have…oh god its all "may be"….haha…

Whatever may be (again), I am leaving the whole thing to time which I hope will crack every unanswered question racking my brain now. And I believe in miracles so may be a miracle awaits me! And yeah I still go online for the simple reason I want to chat with this wonderful stranger I met online…serious!

PS : it is the same old post i have posted again

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