Thursday, December 3, 2009

My love story- sequel to 'a stranger online'

Yes I am in love and there is no denying to it…I am seeing someone, that very stranger I bragged about in my last post. Seeing him??? I haven't even met him, how can I possibly be seeing him? I have yet to invent a word for it. Well I guess that's what people would name "crazy love" yet so true, deep and pure. Now I am getting to appreciate that song "I loved you before I met you" by savage garden…I am still listening to it.

I know such stories exist only in movies and books but friends my love story is not something less than a fairy tale, I can assure you of it and hence I take pride in sharing it out.

Life for me has taken a new turn ever since this wonderful stranger stepped in to my world. And I am convinced that life from this time forth will be beautiful. Isn't it weird yet wonderful that we haven't met but so very much in love? "I miss you" has become our much treasured line and somewhere between the lines, the hope to be together someday is always there. I know we will and that's what keeps us going. We are world apart and yet a warm feeling always stirs in my soul when we talk. Well I guess that's the beauty of love or rather the beauty of our Love.

I don't know where these would lead to but for now I don't even want to care the end. This moment is special and I am living every moment of it with all my heart. I have come to realize that missing someone could be so hurting yet at the same time it's that sweet ache which makes you ever stronger. I can't wait for the day when we finally meet and prove the world that such story does happen in real. Yes we will prove it someday.

For now I am just amorous of what I am going through moreover of what we share…painful yet sweet, difficult yet worth it. I am left with no option than to take refuge in the same old line of romance that I won't promise I will be there for you forever but I do promise that I will be there with you as long as I breathe. I have found the perfect place where in I fit so perfectly...YOU, my stranger, my love

And this is my Love story!

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