Saturday, December 12, 2009


Well I am leaving for a week tour to the east and I know this is yet another tiring trip. But this time I am thankful for the trip. I needed a break from the monotonous paper work in the office. So this will be a kind of break for me. Thankfully I don’t have to walk any place this time.
My princess called me to wish me safe journey. At times this sweet little devil amazes me with her maturity. She talks beyond her age sometimes and that of course makes me proud. Only yesterday I met one of my cousin’s friend. Well he took me by surprise when he said he had a picture of my princess in his cell. And his words still chime in my ears “she is one child no soul would ever regret for giving birth.” And the funniest part was he was not aware of the fact that I was the proud mommy of this chirpy being. Whatever it is my princess at such an age has become somebody’s hero, not to forget that she acted in a daily Bhutanese television soap when she was hardly a year old and yeah her picture came in the newspaper too. I have the newspaper saved and I will definitely tell her this episode when she is old enough to appreciate.
Well before I go about bragging more about my princess (seriously I can go on and on…) and bore you, I take my leave here and get dressed for the trip. I have decided to leave my car at my boss’ place. It is safer there.
So folks let me say my bye for now. I will miss you reading my stupid articles…lol…
Take care!

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