Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Face Book Story

“Being busy is not an excuse” this is what Pema always said whenever Sangay excused himself on the pretext of being over loaded with works for being silent all this while. Pema well understood that the profession he was in demanded a lot more of his time then what were actually expected. But that does not meant that he completely forget about her, sometimes it would be weeks Pema wouldn’t even hear from him and for a girl being ignored was more hurting than anything else in the world. The feeling of not wanted was something a girl dreads always and Pema was just another ordinary girl. Sangay never understood her enough to care, it seemed to Pema.
It was face book that brought them together. From a simple chat to coffees, lunches and dinner. This was how Pema and Sangay started off. The beginning was beautiful unknown to Pema the stored pain with it which was due to split open any time. Just few months in to the relationship Pema started facing the painful twinge of having trusted someone who did not even care to keep in touch. Well for sometime distance did play a role in their relationship but it was always Pema who made the effort to keep the fire burning in their relationship despite the distance. Sangay was least bothered as always. And the worst part was he never made an effort to let Pema know if at all the relationship was still on. Pema was in a bond which was being out rightly ignored and unwanted.
Pema now loathed face book for the soreness it had brought along, the same face book she had been so grateful for bringing Sangay to her.
Keeping a stone in her heart, Pema finally decided to confront him and end the relationship if need be. Well it was not a surprise when Sangay so readily agreed with her which was even more hurting.
so this is just another of Face book couple who broke up out of thousands who are yet to experience the beauty and the ugliness of love, relationship and of course face book.
Moral: If you love someone, you better PROVE it. Because LOVE is not a noun to be define, but a verb to be acted upon.

PS: it’s a story I have heard from one of my friend and she says it’s her friend’s story, the names have been changed though.


  1. facebook already has so many stories, the best with full of cruelty, cunning, love, friendship is how this facebook began. facebook while it offers so much a fun, knowledge, advertising and news, it do have certain affects..and the part of it being a global society, it's so easy for anyone to access....there are news that in England people spread so many syphilis because couples met through facebook.. (thats actually something so out of our context though)..
    these things are so common...your fren made mistake in trusting the guy whom she met through such social network ( well everyone would fall victim to the heart who loves a love).
    what you say? is it a time that we become more careful in selling our trust? or we should be able to walk with consequences for which we are responsible?

  2. you r rite sogyel :) its time that we learn not to trust strangers more so definitely not people we meet through all these sites...always better to be careful first then walk with the consequences later on which might tag along all your life :) thanks for the comment :)

  3. Well, the story you have mentioned is quite like mine (ie-long distance relationship) and I bet millions of people have the same stories again.

    I don't know whether to blame the girl for trusting her faraway love or the boy who is not responding back to her. Isn't such relation suffocating that our heart reaches the height of craziness and anger accordingly follow us.

    Whatever it might be, Facebook is the mediator and facebook has to do something for whatever has happened. But I don't think it's the facebook that takes the blame but it is the 'users' that is affected so badly beyond comparison.