Thursday, December 9, 2010

Moments To Remember :)

Darn me...Here I go again! People pardon me for I am going to pour all my emotions here like I always do. Writing is the only way I can express myself and the only channel through which I can calm my racing mind. As a kid, I remember scribbling all those emotions stocked up at the back page of my notebooks after mom’s spanking just because I was out playing marble in the dust. I so hardly wished if mom could read it and understand me more but sad she never went to school. And being the introvert kind of person I am, I would never let out my thoughts, I would rather scribble all that I want to scream. I just let it out in black and white. So here I go again.

It isn’t just about feelings, it is about that trust you have built over the years for each other and it is about the way you care about each other. And as I try and pen down my feelings right now, I am lost, so completely lost. There are thousand and one things in my mind yet I am out of words to reveal what I am going through. Meeting, parting, hellos and goodbyes are a part and parcel of life. I am well aware of all these facts of life but still I am cheerless. May be watching too much of those emotional, romantic flicks aren’t really good. The only good about it is that it makes me sob too badly and it happens everyday. And the weather too seems to see eye to eye with my frame of mind today. It is a gloomy, cold and sad day out side. Well winter is here with all its grandeur.

Do you believe in moments and more so spending a moment with some one you care for? Where everything just clicks, where you just feel you don’t want the moment to let go, where you just don’t want to differentiate between what is right and wrong, where you just want to believe that it is the right thing, where your fingers fits in each other so perfectly, where everything just falls in place, the right moment is all you need. I am a believer and so I do and I am one of those lucky few to have felt that moment. But here again reality knocks in. Moments come and moments go and some moments never come back no matter what. But the moment shall always be edged in our heart forever and we will miss it alwaysJ.

Watching the stars fade in as the crack of dawn illuminated the sky, listening to the pigeons flutter their wings by the window, smiling at the person next to you and being grateful for the wonderful joys life just got for me. Those are the moments I shall always savor, moments which might never come back but in one corner of your heart, always wishing it to come again and again and again.


  1. Uh! Another uh! But girl, I loved it. The sail was synonym to the kind I often hallucinate myself with. Am glad your effort to pen down came out more beautiful than the attempts I try. Honest.

    No worries, just keep your smiles on. Let the rest be at heck! Muaah. Keep writing.

  2. Thank you zamin, compliments coming from you means a lot :) I shall try my best to please u further :P and hey me must meet up, we still have that session to be continued ..:P